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The 6 Germ Hotspots in Schools and Offices

Germ-Infested Areas in Schools and Offices

Schools are a haven for germs to reproduce and spread. It is amazing how easily children may touch whatever surface they encounter without thinking about the germs or viruses attached to it. Also, you may not have realized how many germs exist in offices. Schools and companies share some germ-infested areas, requiring additional attention from your commercial cleaning company. Here are six germ hotspots to be on the lookout for:

The Six Germ Hotspots

1. Entrance-ways and Doorknobs

Have you ever seen your mother open doors with her sleeve over her hand so she wouldn't have to touch the real handle? It wasn't such an awful plan after all. There is no way to ensure that everyone who has touched a doorknob has completely cleaned their hands prior.

In a study, researchers placed a tracer virus on office doorknobs and tabletops but after a few hours, 40-60% of the office workers had taken up the viruses, which they had transferred to numerous additional workplace surfaces.

2. Elevator, vending machine, microwave, water fountain, or bubbled buttons

Anywhere that small hands (or large hands – germs don't discriminate) come into contact with bacteria and viruses that can cause a variety of unpleasant illnesses are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

3. Desks and Tabletops

This is one of those mind-boggling figures that defy logic. Desks, on the other hand, have 400 times the number of germs as toilet seats. Children's desks are germ hotspots, and when classes transfer in and out of classrooms in middle and high schools, they are touched by multiple children every day. Sneezing, coughing, blowing their noses, and then touching their desks are all possibilities. For the same reason, library tables are another hotspot in schools.

4. Photocopiers

These can be seen in common spaces of both offices and schools. Teachers carry enough germs to make photocopier buttons a risky click, even if they are not touched by youngsters.

5. Phones

We won't go into the amount of germs discovered on a typical cell phone (although, in case you're curious, it's 10 times more than on a typical toilet seat!) because your bosses won't be able to follow office employees and teachers around and insist that they sterilise their phones. Offices and classrooms, unlike many homes, still have landlines, and those receivers and keypads are extra areas for germs to congregate.

6. Faucet handles on Sinks

Sink handles in restrooms are bound to be contaminated with germs and viruses. But what about handles on sinks that aren't in the kitchen? Handles on breakroom sink faucets are bacterial hotspots that must be disinfected on a regular basis. People touch them (along with the microwave and refrigerator knobs) before preparing and eating food, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. We were already concerned about various viruses and germs that may easily cause sickness if passed from one person to another in schools or offices before we heard of COVID-19. Obviously, COVID-19 is a concern, but the other pathogens haven't disappeared! T

he infections listed below can quickly contaminate ordinary surfaces:

- Norovirus

- Staphylococcus aureus

- E-coli

- Influenza

- Rotavirus

- Hepatitis A

- Salmonella

- Helicobactor pylori


Cleaning services for companies and schools are often taken for granted, but perhaps this article has demonstrated why they are so important. An expert commercial cleaning specialist will keep your workplace safe from COVID-19 and many other pathogens. Business owners will be able to concentrate on other tasks that will help their company flourish. Keep in mind that ServLabs is up to date on all of the appropriate cleaning protocols in the United Kingdom and has a reliable crew that is both dependable and professional in their work. Cleaning services from ServLabs will help you understand the value of high-quality cleaning in business and public locations.

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