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Swansea Council 26 Million Pound Solar Promise.

26 Million Pound Solar Promise by Swansea City Council
Swansea City Council £26M Solar Promise

A four-year project worth £26m has been initiated to install PV solar panels and batteries on over 1,200 homes in Swansea. The project will commence this summer, with council houses being the first to receive the installation. The aim of the project is to help homeowners generate electricity and reduce energy costs. The solar panels and batteries will be capable of generating and storing energy for electric power and light, which can be used on demand by individual residents. Additionally, more than 30 council properties situated in rural areas that are not connected to mains gas will undergo an insulation upgrade and be provided with a heat pump. This will offer a low-carbon heating alternative to existing installations that rely on oil, coal, or LPG.

For more information from Swansea Council view this.

Solar Panel proofing
Solar Panel proofing

With solar panel installations come bird issues and problems Solar Panels and Solar Panel Bird Proofing:

Solar panels have become an increasingly popular and accessible way to generate renewable energy. As the demand for solar energy continues to grow, it is important to consider the potential impact of wildlife, particularly birds, on solar panels. Fortunately, there are several bird-proofing methods available that can help protect your solar investment while also safeguarding wildlife.

The Importance of Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Birds can cause significant damage to solar panels in several ways. Nesting birds can build nests beneath panels, which can obstruct airflow and cause overheating. Bird droppings can also accumulate on panels, reducing their efficiency. In some cases, birds can even peck through the protective coating on solar panels, exposing the delicate components inside to the elements.

Birds can also pose a risk to their own safety when they come into contact with solar panels. In some cases, birds can become trapped between panels and the roof, which can cause injury or death. Additionally, birds may mistake the reflective surface of solar panels for water, which can lead to collisions and other accidents.

To protect both your solar panels and the birds that may come into contact with them, it is important to implement effective bird-proofing measures.

Solar Panel Bird-Proofing Options

There are several bird-proofing options available for solar panels, ranging from simple solutions that can be implemented at home to more advanced techniques that may require the assistance of a professional.

  1. Mesh Netting

Mesh netting is a common bird-proofing technique that involves covering solar panels with a fine mesh material. This prevents birds from nesting beneath the panels and also helps to reduce the accumulation of bird droppings. Mesh netting can be installed using clips or hooks and can be easily removed for maintenance or repair.

  1. Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are small plastic or metal spikes that are installed on the edges of solar panels. These spikes make it difficult for birds to land or perch on the panels, which can prevent damage and reduce the risk of injury or death. Bird spikes are available in a variety of sizes and materials, making it easy to find a solution that works for your specific solar panel setup.

  1. Electric Deterrents

Electric deterrents are a more advanced bird-proofing option that involves installing small electrical charges on solar panels. When birds land on the panels, they receive a small electric shock that discourages them from returning. While electric deterrents can be highly effective, they may require professional installation and maintenance.

  1. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers are another effective bird-proofing technique that involves installing barriers around solar panels to prevent birds from accessing them. This can include wire mesh or other materials that are specifically designed to be bird-resistant. Physical barriers can be particularly effective for larger solar installations, where mesh netting or bird spikes may not be sufficient.

Planning for Solar Panel Bird Proofing

When planning a solar panel installation, it is vital to consider bird-proofing measures from the outset. This can help to ensure that your solar panels are protected from the start, reducing the risk of damage and improving their efficiency and lifespan.

When considering bird-proofing measures, it is crucial to take into account the specific bird species that are present in your area. Some species may be more likely to cause damage to solar panels, while others may be more sensitive to electrical deterrents or other bird-proofing measures. By working with a professional bird-proofing expert, you can develop a customised solution that considers your specific needs and local bird populations.

In addition to bird-proofing measures, it is also essential to consider other environmental factors when planning a solar panel installation. This can include things like shading from nearby trees or buildings, wind patterns, and the orientation and tilt of the panels. About ServLabs ServLabs is the leading residential and commercial care service provider in the UK. We are the experts that can provide you with a safe, reliable, and effective range of care services for your home or business place, such as pest control, timber treatment, and residential and commercial cleaning services. Our technicians are highly-trained, certified and qualified staff that will listen to your unique problem and create a tailor-made solution that will transform your property in no time. After operating for many years, we have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in providing all the best home and business care services in the UK.

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