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McDonald's Faces £500,000 Fine for Rodent Infestation. "No Gherkins Extra Mouse Poo Please"

Mcdonalds record fine

A well-known global food chain, McDonald's, has been slapped with a hefty fine of nearly £500,000 following the discovery of a rodent infestation. The restaurant in question, located at 865-873 High Road, Leytonstone, admitted to serious breaches of hygiene.

mouse poo in kitchen

After an investigation conducted by environmental health officers from Waltham Forest Council, McDonald's was ordered to pay £475,000, along with £22,000 in costs, at Thames Magistrates' Court. The fast-food giant pleaded guilty to three charges related to hygiene breaches.

mouse poo on kitchen equipement

The discovery of a rodent infestation occurred when a customer, in the middle of enjoying their cheeseburger, noticed what appeared to be a mouse dropping inside the wrapper. Upon receiving the complaint, environmental health officers promptly visited the restaurant and found conditions that posed a significant risk to the health of customers.

The inspection revealed numerous mouse droppings throughout the premises, including in the food preparation and main cooking section, next to a tray of cooking utensils in the main cooking area, on the floor of the hot holding food preparation area, in the staff room, in a storage area, and in a cleaning store cupboard. Shockingly, officers even found the decomposing remains of a mouse.

Surprisingly, despite claims in the paperwork of completed cleaning schedules, poor hygiene conditions persisted. The kitchen was found to be greasy, dirty, and dusty in several areas.

Due to the severe unhygienic conditions, the officers deemed the premises to pose an imminent risk to health and ordered the immediate closure of the restaurant, asking customers to leave. Subsequently, the store remained closed for ten days until the council's officers confirmed that all identified issues had been resolved, permitting the premises to reopen.

rodent poo

The prosecution by Waltham Forest Council was initiated based on the conditions discovered on October 15, 2021, which led to the closure.

Expressing gratitude for the vigilant customer who reported the matter to the council, Khevyn Limbajee, Waltham Forest Council's Cabinet Member for Community Safety, emphasized the significant risk posed to the health of residents and visitors. He stated that the council had no choice but to take formal action in this case.

Limbajee further highlighted the importance of upholding food hygiene standards and the council's commitment to investigating complaints and taking appropriate action, regardless of the operator's reputation. He reassured residents and visitors that Waltham Forest takes a zero-tolerance approach to serious hygiene violations, ensuring that food is cooked in a clean and safe environment. When checking a premises' food hygiene rating, people can have confidence that their meals are prepared under strict standards. About ServLabs ServLabs is the leading residential and commercial care service provider in the UK. We are the experts that can provide you with a safe, reliable, and effective range of care services for your home or business place, such as pest control, timber treatment, and residential and commercial cleaning services. Our technicians are highly-trained, certified and qualified staff that will listen to your unique problem and create a tailor-made solution that will transform your property in no time. After operating for many years, we have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in providing all the best home and business care services in the UK.

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