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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Martha is a mother of two lively kids and a cat owner who lives in Bristol upon Avon. One morning she started noticing her family had been scratching their bodies a lot, just as the cat was scratching and licking herself a lot more than usual. When she investigated carefully, she found out that the cat had fleas and must have passed them on to the household. Martha wants to get rid of fleas. Keep reading if you are like Martha and are looking to get rid of fleas.

So What are Fleas? Fleas are parasitic insects that are tiny and dark brown in colour. They commonly infest the coat of cats and dogs in the UK, causing them constant skin irritation, and becoming a real pest. Fleas brought in by your cat are a real pain for pet owners. To start our journey of removing fleas, we must first know where they came from. How did my cat get fleas?

To get on your cat’s body, a few adult fleas will climb onto your cat in a garden, from another home, or nearby areas your cat frequents. Fleas can also be brought into your house by your pet dog or visiting pets. Adult fleas have a leap distance of 150 times their body length, making it easy for them to jump from one cat to another. They feed on the blood of the cat once attached to the coat, and the females begin to lay eggs. What is the Flea Life Cycle?

The flea’s life cycle begins with a few adults that can reproduce at a rapid rate. Your cat can transfer these adults onto furniture and bedding. This is prime real estate for Fleas to reproduce. Before you know it, you’ve got a massive flea infestation that’s difficult to eradicate! Fleas can lay up to 2000 eggs throughout their lifetime. The eggs fall to the ground, where they can be found in carpets, furniture, bedding, and gardens. After hatching, the eggs mature into larvae that dig deeper into furniture and away from light. They feed on organic matter in the environment, spin a cocoon to become a pupa, and eventually grow into adults. The immature stages of fleas make up about 95% of the population. That means adults who live on cats account for only 5% of the population!

How do they breed so fast?

If the appropriate temperatures are present, a flea may mature from egg to adult in less than three weeks. This mainly occurs throughout the warmer months of spring and summer. The immature egg and larval stages can remain latent in the environment for up to 6 months throughout the winter. Unless you like to keep your house warm all year. Then there is no end to flea season. When the temperature rises, they all finish their life cycle and grow into adults, resulting in an explosion of adult fleas and an infestation in your house!

How Do I Get Rid of My Cat’s Fleas?

Cat flea treatment requires treating both the animal and the surroundings. This is because the cat’s habitat contains 95 per cent of the flea population. To eliminate the problem, a flea infestation should be handled with care. ServLabs is renowned across the UK for the professional pest control services your cat and home need. Cat fleas also need to be treated and prevented all through the year. Fleas are tiny but are not invisible. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. How Can I Treat the environment?

Because many cats spend time inside, this is the first place to address. Vacuuming the furniture regularly to remove flea eggs and stimulate dormant fleas is part of the indoor therapy. Flea larvae are also killed by steam washing the furniture. The pet’s bedding should be cleaned in hot, soapy water and dried outside in the sun. Foggers are a powerful chemical for treating within the home. The better ones have a chemical that kills adult fleas as well as the other stages of the life cycle, called insect growth regulators. Professional treatment is recommended for outdoors, in gardens, and under the house.

Treat Stubborn Fleas With A Professional Treatment Service Provider

Fleas require the best treatment if you are going to get rid of them forever. Unfortunately, eradicating an infestation on your own is a long, costly endeavour that may yield only short-term or no results at all. This is why we advise you to seek the help of professional cat flea exterminators. ServLabs Pest Control can provide pet safe flea treatment, including flea fumigation and complete flea house treatment. Upon contacting our service, a ServLabs pest control team member will meet with you to discuss the fleas you've noticed. We will first determine if it is a flea infestation you face and not another pest, such as bed bugs that people frequently confuse with fleas. Following that, we examine your house to see where they are and how they got there. We look in every room and corner of the home, beneath the furniture, under rugs, and in all the little cracks and crevices that fleas like to hide in. Due to their small size, adult cat fleas may get into even the tiniest spaces of your home. ServLabs' technicians will make sure to check them all. Then, based on your infestation, we'll offer a bespoke pet and child-safe flea treatment strategy that will keep your pet and children safe during and after the procedure. Once you've agreed on a fee, our specialists will schedule a technician to come out and take care of your flea infestation. You can rest assured that you are getting guaranteed treatment or your money back. Depending on the treatment, you may require one or several visits. By the time we are through, you will be glad to have a flea-free cat, home and you! So the whole family can enjoy a peaceful home once again.

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