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London Parakeets

London Parakeets 
Control & Removal

Parakeets are a common sight in London and the surrounding areas. The most well-known species is the Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri), also known as the Ring-necked Parakeet. These birds are native to Africa and the Indian Subcontinent but have established a feral population in London and other parts of the UK.

There are various theories as to how the parakeets came to London. One theory is that they escaped from a film set in the 1950s, while another suggests that they were released from a private collection. Whatever the reason, the population of these birds has grown significantly since their introduction to London, and they are now a common sight in many parks and gardens in the city.

Parakeet Problems London

Why Are They A Problem?

While parakeets are a popular and beloved sight in London, there have been concerns about the potential damage they may cause to the local ecosystem and infrastructure. Here are a few examples:

  1. Crop and garden damage: Parakeets are known to feed on a variety of plant material, including fruits and vegetables. In some cases, they may cause damage to crops and gardens, which can be a concern for local farmers and gardeners.

  2. Noise pollution: Parakeets are known for their loud squawking calls, which can be a nuisance for some people living in close proximity to their roosting sites. They are also active early in the morning, which can disturb people's sleep.

  3. Nesting damage: Parakeets often build nests in roof spaces and other structures, which can cause damage to the infrastructure. For example, they may cause damage to roof tiles or guttering, or create a hazard if their nests fall onto the pavement or road below.

Parakeet Bird Control & Removal.

ServLabs Bird Control offers comprehensive solutions for London Parakeet control and removal. We understand how these birds can cause damage to homes and businesses through their droppings, nesting, and roosting.

Our team of experts can help identify and remove the birds safely and humanely, in order to prevent any further damage. We also offer a range of preventative services to help protect your property from future infestations.

Bird Proofing & Control Services

Bird Proofing & Control Services

ServLabs Bird Control offers professional bird proofing services to help protect your property from pest birds. We use humane and safe techniques to create a barrier that will stop birds from accessing your property and nesting in unwanted areas. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, providing a long-term, cost-effective solution to your bird problem.

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To find our more about what we do and how we can help please Get In Touch or call us on 03333 391 816.

Bird Proofing & Control Services
Bird Proofing & Control Services

PestControl For Your Business.

ServLabs Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control services for businesses of all sizes, whether they are small or large. Our experienced team of professionals are well versed in the latest advances in pest control technology, enabling us to provide a safe and effective solution to your pest control needs.

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ServLabs is an experienced and trusted multi-service provider that offers a comprehensive range of services for both Residential and Commercial Customers. Our services include pest control, timber treatments, bird proofing and control, cleaning, chimney care, ground maintenance, security, and facilities management.
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